TMCCF renders direct services to four major groups:

1.   Individual donors by providing:

  • Information that will help to maximize the use of their donation;
  • Significant tax advantages and money management services;
  • Information that will help make decisions about their bequest to satisfy their personal interests and concerns;
  • Technical assistance to donor attorneys, accountants and other financial advisors;
  • Administrative and management services for contributions that have been bequeathed that not only serves the community, but families as well; and,
  • Recognition for individuals, their families or for someone of their choice for a limited time or in perpetuity.


2.   The community by providing: 

  • A way for the community to assess its needs and garner its resources to resolve its concerns;
  • A charitable trust that will enable the community to meet its challenges when other resources have changed priorities or have been discontinued;
  • Leadership which addresses community needs and manages resources; and,
  • Inter-generational continuity that enables the community to build its future on the shoulders of its past.


3.   Non-Profit organizations by providing:

  • Funds for operating programs and projects as well as emergencies;
  • Technical assistance in the areas of fund raising and administration; and,
  • Management services for holding, investing and disbursements of endowments.


4.   Corporations and local businesses by providing:

  • Significant tax advantages for businesses and/or corporations;
  • Opportunities to leverage resources to help build the community;
  • Direct linkages to the community and awareness of current and emerging needs;
  • A way to target and align community relations strategies with business goals and objectives; and,
  • A way to recognize corporate and business citizenship.